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AD(H)D organizer
app for easier life.  

When people understands the components of Attention

Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD) and its implications 

for functioning and life at school and at home, they can deal

better with the symptoms, and get an accurate diagnosis and 

appropriate treatment.

Production and design of an application for people with ADHD. 
The purpose of the app is to style and arrange the tasks, lists and thoughts of the person with the disorder who uses the app in one place. The app is suitable for attention and concentration disorders at different levels, and allows customization of the home page according to the user, reminders tailored to the difficulty in order of priority and other tools that help with concentratio.

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Sometimes, ADHD brings with it a lot of frustrations that over time turn into self-anger and a feeling of abnormality. HERE app contains many tools designed to alleviate the person with the disorder and make his life easier and improve his performance significantly

“ Its like 4 tv’s 

running together ”

This is how a large proportion of people with ADHD feel. 

The difficulty of conducting oneself on a daily basis. 

Tracking their tasks and jumping from one app to another 

increase the feeling of frustration and lower the quality of life 

and performance of the tasks of the people with the disorder.

Making more effective, 

Convenient and simple 

unique service

Customize the home page

Once the user marks the appropriate words to define 

her personal difficulty, the home page adapts itself to 

her personal needs by putting in front of her the tools

she needs.

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