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Image making 

One day I got a pack of papers and started drawing the morph shapes. I drew and drew, from my head, without thinking, according to the feeling and according to the rhythm of my thoughts. Over time I started adding eyes, nose, mouth, hair and that's how her figure was born. The morphing character, unplanned, changing, dynamic, a character I can identify with.

After a period of endless illustration of her, in different shapes, sizes, colorful or monochromatic, I looked for a name for her, so that I could communicate with her in a deeper and more personal way. I called her Miss Morphie

First skatches

Miss Murphy isn't afraid of anything, she doesn't care about getting hurt, she doesn't care what people think of her. She acts like a boss. Some people think that because she doesn't meet the ideal of beauty, she can't afford it and she says the opposite - I can thanks to that.

Her life
is a movie,
and she is 
the main star

Miss Morphie put herself first.
She believes that she has an important role in the world and that is why she is here. She doesn't apologize for her personality and doesn't think she was born to impress anyone. Her life is a movie and she is the main star.




Miss Morphie

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