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Manual print and collage 

A project dealing with the question of self-balance. The balance is presented in images that describe a relationship between the balanced and the balance and between the individual and the statistical.

At the age of two days my parents found out that I was born without a thyroid gland. The role of the gland is to secrete hormones that affect the rate of metabolism in the body, and have a great influence on the rate of growth and the functioning of many systems in the body. The "Normal Range" project was born out of the search for balance, which the person suffering from thyroid deficiency seeks in order to lead his life in a "normal" and balanced way. The search for balance is presented in this project with images of shapes and spots that describe the relationship between the balancer and the balancer in the two cases of the norm range, balance and imbalance and in addition, what happens between them.




Norm range

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